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What are the Sunflower State Games?

The Sunflower State Games is Kansas' largest amateur sports festival. The sports offered provide a broad appeal to athletes of all ages and abilities, ranging from highly competitive Olympic sports to those that are more recreational and geared to participation. There's something for everyone! The Sunflower State Games, organized in 1990, has become a midsummer tradition attracting thousands of Kansans to Topeka from throughout the state. The main mission of the Sunflower State Games is offering good, wholesome family-oriented activities and abundant fun. Beyond that, the organization takes pride that its competition exposes a multitude of Kansans to the benefits of physical fitness, well-being and good sportsmanship.

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Can I get a Refund?

There will be NO REFUNDS of entry fees except for the following: Entries received after the deadline, entries received after the maximum number of teams are bracketed, or if there are not enough teams or individuals to form a division. Please note that SSG reserves the right to combine multiple divisions or age groups to form a complete bracket or schedule. No refunds will be permitted simply because an athlete fails to participate. Please Note: Refunds will not be given due to weather related canceled events!  If an event is canceled due to Covid-19 and cannot be rescheduled, your sport registration fee will be refunded or you can elect to have a credit for a future event.  The nominal credit card processing fee (approximately $3 per transaction) cannot be refunded as those are incured through the credit card companies and our registration vendor.

Who can compete?

All Kansans! Athletes must, however, reside in Kansas for at least 30 days prior to competition and have amateur status in the sport in which they enter. Students attending college in Kansas and military personnel stationed in Kansas may also compete for medals. High school athletes may enter, provided they abide by the rules of the Kansas High School Activities Association. College athletes are eligible under national collegiate rules. Please note that out of state participants will be considered on a case by case basis.

How does one enter?

To register, visit the sport page of your choice on our web site and click the "Register Now" link after March 1. For team sports, the coach/team captain will be responsible for registering the entire team. Check each sport page for specific entry deadlines. Please note that registraion is online only for all sports.

When is the Registration Deadline?

  • July 2: All sports taking place July 9-11
  • July 5: Youth Basketball
  • July 9: All sports taking place July 16-18 except Youth basketball

Do I need to pre-register?

YES! Most sports do NOT allow day of registrations. Check your sport information page to see if it allows late entries. Please note that only participants who register by the posted deadline will be issued a commemorative t-shirt.

What is the entry fee?

Entry fees vary by sport and can be found on the sport pages of this web site. Your entry fee covers all event expenses and includes a Commemorative T-shirt if you register by the posted deadline. Please note that all day of entries will be charged a $5 late fee. Admission is free at all competition sites with the exception of Baseball, Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Martial Arts, Powerlifting, Youth Basketball, and Wrestling.

Will I receive a Commemorative T-Shirt?

Commemorative T-Shirts will only be distributed to participants and teams who register by the posted deadline. It is the participant or coach's responsibility to pick up their T-shirts on site at time of check-in.

Are there Awards?

Athletes in all competitive events vie for custom cast Sunflower State Games gold, silver and bronze medals with Olympic-style neck ribbons. Medals must be picked up at the event and will not be mailed after the competition.

What about the safety of the athletes?

Safety of the athletes is of paramount concern to Sunflower State Games organizers. All efforts will be taken to protect the health of those enjoying the competitions, and rules of safety will be strictly enforced. Medical personnel at competition sites will be directed by the medical commissioner and the Sunflower State Games Staff.

Do I need to provide my own personal insurance?

Yes! All participating athletes, coaches and volunteers must provide their own personal injury insurance. In addition, all participating athletes, coaches and volunteers must sign the official Sunflower State Games liability waiver. All athletes or volunteers under the age of 18 must have their liability waiver signed by a parent or guardian.

Do I need to bring water to the Sunflower State Games?

Please remember that Kansas is often HOT and DRY during July. The Sunflower State Games does NOT provide water. Please bring a sufficient amount to get you through the day or ask a volunteer for the nearest location to buy water. Remember: Caffeinated beverages will not hydrate you, only water can do that.

What are the Sunflower State Games standards of sportsmanship?

It is the philosophy of the Sunflower State Games that all who take part should do so in the spirit of fair competition and good sportsmanship. It is expected that all participants -- athletes, coaches and fans -- adhere to the principles of good sportsmanship. The Sunflower State Games staff reserves the right to deny participation to anyone whom it determines to have violated the principles of good sportsmanship, or for any reason it deems to be in the best interest of the Games.

What happens if my personal belongings are misplaced?

The Sunflower State Games is not responsible for lost or stolen items. All SSG participants, volunteers, officials, and spectators assume their own risk as it pertains to lost or stolen personal items at any SSG sponsored event.

How are disputes handled?

To challenge a posted result, team or player’s grade level, or age, the challenging party must: 1) Meet with the Sport Commissioner within one hour of the completion of the competition in question. 2) Submit a $50 CASH protest fee per result or player challenged. If the result or player is determined to be eligible, the protest money will not be refunded. If the result/player/team is determined ineligible:

  • The protest money will be refunded.
  • The ineligible player and his/her coach will be disqualified from the tournament.
  • The offending team will forfeit the games the ineligible player has competed in.
  • The coach will be banned from the Sunflower State Games for 5 years.

Is there a fee for returned checks?

There will be a $30 fee for all returned checks. In the event of a returned check, athletes will not be allowed to participate until the entry fee and returned check fee have been paid in cash or money order.





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