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KSG Horseshoes

Day of Entries will be accepted for a $5 late fee

Horseshoes in no longer being offered at the National Senior Games.

DATE:   September 16,2022

SITE:  Gage Park Horseshoe Courts: Topeka, KS  Click here for directions.

TIME:  Check-in: 5:30 p.m. ; Competition: 6:00 p.m.

HORSESHOES ENTRY FEE & ONLINE REGISTRATION:   $15 per person. Includes Singles and Doubles. For Doubles, each partner must register and pay separately.  Online registration only.  Day of entries will be taken for a $5 fee.

MULTIPLE SPORT FEES & ONLINE REGISTRATION:  If you plan to participate in multiple sports each participant will pay a one time registration fee of $25, plus a Horseshoes Sport Fee of $5 per person. Includes Single and Doubles. For Doubles, each partner must register and pay separately.  Online registration is strongly encouraged.

DEADLINE:   Friday, September 9th at 6pm.  Day of entries will be accepted, for a $5 fee.

T-SHIRTS:   Commemorative t-shirts will be only be distributed to participants who register prior to August 26th.

LODGING:   Click here to make your reservation now with one of our partner hotels.

COMMISSIONER:  Terry Cuthbertson - 785-267-6016, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  & Ivan Barnett - 785-862-5538, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Before registering for the Kansas Senior Games, please read the official rules and policies here.



  • Events include Singles and Doubles.
  • Competitors must furnish their own horseshoes.
  • If numbers are conducive, athletes will be divided into pools within their age divisions. Within each pool a preliminary round-robin tournament will be played. At the conclusion of the preliminary round-robin, the top 8 players will advance and play a single round-robin championship.  If entries are not conducive, a double elimination tournament will be played within the age division. Age divisions may be combined dependent on registrations.
  • Athletes may compete with only one partner per event. Partners must each designate the other on their entry forms. No partners will be assigned and no partner changes may be made after the entry deadline. The age division of competition for doubles and mixed doubles will be determined by the age of the younger of the two partners as of December 31, 2022.
  • Count-all scoring with five bonus points awarded for each match won will be used during the preliminary rounds to help determine advancement. All matches will continue until each player has pitched 30 shoes.  If the score is tied after 30 shoes are pitched, four additional shoes shall be pitched to determine which player shall be awarded the five bonus points.  Additional sets of five shoes shall continue to be pitched until the winner is determined.  Final scores reported shall be scores after 30 shoes.
  • Championship rounds will be decided by win/loss record. Count-all scoring (without bonus points for each match won) will be used. First place ties will play a 30 shoe playoff game to decide 1st and 2nd place. All other ties will be decided by head-to-head competition (who beat who between the tied participants) and then by points scored if still tied.
  • Shoes shall be pitched from alternate ends of the court at stakes 40 feet apart, except as modified herein.  Women 50-74 will pitch a distance of 30 feet.  Women in age divisions 75+ will pitch a minimum distance of 20 feet.  Men 50-69 will pitch a distance of 40 feet.  Men in age divisions 70+ will pitch a minimum distance of 30 feet.
  • A match will consist of one game.
  • Players will match shoes to determine who pitches first.
  • A 15-minute default time will be enforced.  For default matches in preliminary rounds, the remaining player will pitch 30 shoes to determine his/her score and be awarded the five bonus points.
  • The pitcher must stand on one of the pitching platforms. Players may use the platform on either side of the court.  Feet must stay behind the foul line and within the platform limits until the shoe has left the pitcher’s hand. When not pitching, the opponent shall stand quietly and stationary on or behind the same courts opposite pitching platform and at least two feet (2’) behind the contestant who is pitching from the same or adjacent court. Such an offense incurs a loss of score in that inning. No player may walk to the opposite stake, or be informed of the position of the shoes before an inning is complete. Once thrown, shoes may not be moved or touched until the scores have been decided. Such an offense incurs a loss of score in that inning.
  • Shoes must be within six inches of the stake to be scored. A shoe that first strikes the ground outside the target area (if using portable raised pits, the box that makes up the pit sides is considered to be outside the target area) or rebounds from the backboard cannot be scored, nor can any shoe thrown from an invalid position. Such shoes may be removed from the target area on the request of the opponent. A shoe landing in the area and breaking is not scored; it is removed and another pitch taken. A "ringer” is a shoe that encircles the stake so that a straight edge could touch the two tips of horseshoe without touching the stake.
  • This tournament will follow the rules of the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association, except as modified herein. Please visit for complete rules.

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