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SATURDAY, JULY 9, 2022:  Paralympic Boccia (Divisions for athletes who use wheelchairs or scooters)

SUNDAY, JULY 10, 2022:  Ambulatory Boccia (Veterans Golden Age Division and Community Open Divisions)

SITE:  Hillcrest Community Center; 1800 SE 21st St., Topeka, KS  66607.   Click here for directions.

TIME:  Saturday, July 9: 9am-6pm       Sunday, July 10: 12pm-6pm

FEE:  $20 per person.

REGISTRATION:  Registration will open March 1st. Online registration only.

DEADLINE:  Friday, July 1st at 6pm.

EVENT DAY ENTRIES:   Will be at the descrection of the commissioner.  A $5 late fee will be added if day of entry is accepted.

T-SHIRTS:  Commemorative t-shirts will be distributed to participants who register prior to the posted deadline.

LODGING:  Click here to make your reservation now with one of our partner hotels.

COMMISSIONER:  Cathy Drobny     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please Note: By registering for this event, all participants agree to the Sunflower State Games No Refund Policy and all posted rules and policies. Click here for more information.


  • Saturday, July 9th:    9:00am - 6:00pm
    •                                     Wheelchair Divisions:  Boccia Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and OPEN
    •                                     If you do not have a division, please contact the Boccia Commissioner.
    • Sunday, July 10th:   12:00pm - 6:00pm
    •                                     Ambulatory Divisions:  Veteran Golden Age Division by Age Group
    •                                                                              Community Open Division by Age Group
    • The tournament format will be determined by the number of athletes registered.
  • A full set of rules can be found at  USA BOCCIA RULES
  • Boccia is a throwing sport played indoors with leather-like balls.  It is similar to the outdoor sport of Bocce Ball.  Boccia is played indoors on a smooth surface. The court is 6 metersby 12.5 meters.  The court includes a players boxes measuring 1 meter by 2.5 meters.  The player remains in their playing box (with a few exceptions for coming on the court to look and 1 minute timeouts between ends).
  • Each player has 6 balls (red or blue) and a Jack (white target ball).  Players are allowed to bring their own set of balls.  There will be game balls available.  If a player cannot throw or kick the ball onto the court, they play with a ramp.
  • A coin is tossed to determine the color of balls each player will play with, winner will choose what color of balls they would like to play with.  Red starts by propelling the Jack ball onto the court.
  • ROTATION OF PLAY:  The player who threw the Jack, then follows up with their colored ball.  Blue then plays trying to get closer to Jack.  The color that is closest to the Jack does not play agtain until their opponent's ball is closer or their oppnent plays all of their balls.  Then any remaining balls are thrown trying to get closer to the Jack. 
  • SCORING:  After all balls have been played, the END is scored.  The color that is closest to the Jack scores.  The cloest color gets as many points as the number of balls closer than their opponent's closest ball to the Jack.
  • Four Ends are played with Red serving Ends 1 and 3.  And Blue serving 2 and 4.  At the completion of 4 Ends, the highest score wins.
  • Retraction of played ball-

**Propelling the ball without waiting for the referee signal

  • **Ramp players must move the ramp from left to right before propelling the ball
  • Retraction and penalty ball-
  • **Touching a line in the throwing box while throwing
  • **Must remain seated during the throw (for the USA Boccia divisions ONLY)
  • The Jack Ball must cross the V-line and not touch a boundary line to be valid.  During their End to serve, a player gets one chance to throw the Jack into the valid area.  If the Jack is fouled, their opponent gets to serve the Jack. 


USA Boccia


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